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CHSEL+ Tuesday Classes

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CHSEL+ is a supplemental learning experience suited to meet the needs
of homeschool families that would like help and guidance in getting the job done!


Designed to add instruction time, organization and accountability to the homeschool, CHSEL+ offers teaching once a week on Tuesdays, assignments and partial grading, and coordinates many of the "classroom" days with the "lab" days that are offered on Fridays. 

Each Tuesday "class" day will follow a designated completion schedule that students will follow at home in order to get the most out of the instruction time. The group activity and lab-style learning will occur on Fridays for those classes that have a coordinating lab. 

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, parents and students will work through the workbooks/textbooks for each subject, checking daily work and preparing for classroom and lab days. This opportunity requires commitment and accountability throughout the year. Specific curriculum must be used for each class. If you or your student prefer a more flexible, less accountable co-op opportunity, please check out our Friday labs.


Below is a list of classes that will be offered for 2024-25.  We currently offer only middle and high school classes for this opportunity. 

High School 

Pre-Algebra (Saxon)

Algebra 1 or 2 (Saxon)

Physical Science (Apologia, 2nd Edition)

Biology (Apologia 2nd Edition)

Chemistry (Berean Builders)

Physical Science (Apologia 2nd Edition)

Writing Level B & C

Language Arts (Easy Grammar)


US History


Gastronomy/Kitchen Technical Skills

How to Argue

Essay and Report for 11th-12th grades

Band and Sectionals

Power Hour


Middle School

Pre-Algebra (Saxon)

 Writing Level B

Language Arts (Easy Grammar)

TX History

Explorers & Trailblazers

Observing and Investigating God's World Sciences

Creative Writing/Poetry

Band & Sectionals


 Registration for 2024-25 CHSEL + will open May 1st and close July 15th.  If you are interested in participating in any one or more of the subjects offered next year, please see the Registration Information drop down or contact us at [email protected].  Late registration is done by appointment only.